Why have a website? In the XXI century this question is rather out of date. Websites have become such an integral part of present-day world that in 2016 there are no less than a hundred goals of website building.

What, you think a hundred is a bit too many? Let us list them, then.


The Obvious Reasons

  1. Send out a message. By visiting your website, the world is going to learn who you are.
  2. Display an image or idea. Show the world what your mind have come up with.
  3. Unite people behind an idea. One person is not nearly as capable as many who share the same views.
  4. Gather a community. People gladly enter groups who share the common cause or passion.
  5. Communicate with followers. If you are an example to others, they expect you to reach out to them.
  6. Receive feedback. Deal with claims and appeals of your audience.
  7. Prove you’re not fake. If you have imposters, people need to know it’s really you.
  8. Online greeting card. Even a simple webpage with your contact information multiplies the number of people who might get in touch with you.
  9. Publish your resume or portfolio. A website is capable of telling a story of what you can do.
  10. Show off your status. Make sure no lesser player comes close.


The Utilitarian Reasons

11.Because your old site is out of date. The web is evolving fast, and without proper updates, your website may quickly become a fossil.
12. Because your old site looks ugly. If it does not please your own eye, how can it appeal to others?
13. Because your old site sends the wrong message. How often we see businesses that would be way more successful if their websites reflected their business goals better
14. Because your old site has a low bounce rate. It may be the flaw of design, usability, positioning or all of the three. Sometimes, a radical solution is needed in order to keep the flow going.
15. Because your old site is not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile traffic is starting to exceed desktop. Having your website poorly displayed on the small screen will drive away a lion’s share of visitors.
16. Go with the trends. Maintain your website with popular design solutions and styles.
17. Go with the times. Keep your site up with latest achievements in the digital industry.


The Humanitarian Reasons

18.Educate. Publish learning tools and materials.
19. Give advice or consultation. Provide insight for people looking for it.
20. Establish a social hotline. Help those who are in a desperate situation.
21. Gather money for charity. A website will attract sponsors and let them know how their donations help the ones in need.
22.Crowd-fund a social project. Attract proper funds via your website.
23. Publish a social study or research. Let others know what you found out, and how it can affect them.
24. Organize a flash mob or public activity. Gather people online to express a point of view in real world.
25. Start a campaign. Get elected on the local, national or international level.
26. Criticize something you’re not happy with. Let others know why a certain issue needs attention.
27. Improve the world by suggesting an optimized or innovative solution.


For Your Self-Expression

28.Blogging. A popular way of self-expression is writing short opinion pieces.
29. Share your knowledge. Make something you know useful to others.
30. Share your views. See how many people think like you do.
31. Share your inspiration. Let others know what inspires you.
32. Share your lifestyle. People might want to live like you do.
33. Share your experience. You dived into the Mariana Trench or went skiing to Antarctica? Good for you, but most people weren’t so lucky. Share what you lived through with them!
34. Be recognized as expert. Make people think of you as authority in what you’re good at.
35. Influence others. Set a standard for other people to achieve.
36. Follow a trend. Keeping track on what’s popular may increase your own popularity.
37. Set a trend. Your idea expressed through a website might become the next big thing. You’ll never know if you don’t try.
38. Share your artworks. You write music or paint pictures? Let others appreciate your talent.


The Mercantile Reasons

39.Start your business. Enter the big game with your one-of-a-kind website.
40. Showcase your business. People need to know what you offer in order to become your partners or clients.
41. Demonstrate your product. Consumers do not like to buy a pig in a poke. Show a clear image of what’s in store for them!
42. Find new clients. Attract new people to your product or service.
43. Retain existing clients. Keep your loyal people from going elsewhere.
44. Multiply your sales. Combine classic offline sales instruments with powerful online tools!
45. Get rid of extra hands. Have your website, not your sales manager, do the actual sales.
46. Get rid of the human factor. Make your business generate profit 24/7.
47. Stay ahead of your competitors. Make sure your website outshines theirs!
48. Launch a web service. Turn your website into a product in its own right.
49. Sell traffic. Use the popularity of your website to boost other, less popular sites.
50. Sell advertising space. Your website has plenty of space for well-placed guest advertisements.
51. Sell user statistics. A popular website is a tasty slice for statistical research.


The Corporate Reasons

52.Promote your company. Grow the number of your potential clients.
53. Promote your product or service. Make your offer display when people search for something online.
54. Promote another website. Sometimes one is not enough to get the 100% promo effect.
55. Study your market. Use a website as bait for your future consumers or clients.
56. Prepare the market for your product. Shout out what is coming soon!
57. Test your business idea. Find out how your prospect will be accepted.
58. Test the market demand. See how badly your consumers want your product.
59. Study your target audience. Learn about their needs and cravings to make more fitting offers.
60. Position your product or service to a certain target audience. Make sure your offer finds the right people.
61. Communicate with your target audience. Provide feedback and post-purchase service.
62. Relate to the public. Keep your community aware of what you’re doing.
63. Publish press releases. Reach out to the mass media with your news and achievements.
64. Show that your company is firmly on track. Publish client satisfaction and financial reports.
65. Attract investments. Get the most from private, crowd or investment funding.
66. Gain a new sales instrument. Start selling your product or service over the Internet.
67. Make the web your main sales instrument. Focus on finding and satisfying your clients via the Internet.
68. Advertise online. Make sure your offer displays on the screens of someone who might actually be interested.
69. Make you interaction with clients complex. Combine images, text and user experience in one powerful platform.
70. Optimize a business process. Create a tool for your employees to make their work more convenient.
71. Automate a business process. Delegate certain basic tasks within your company to the artificial intelligence.
72. Communicate with your team. As a leader of a group, you will lack personal time to devote to each member. A website can be the means to reach out to everyone.
73. Simplify a service. Eliminate paperwork and waiting in lines.
74. Boost the quality of service. Make your customers or petitioners happier by guiding them online.
75. Implement innovations. A website is a perfect tool to let people know about the new thing.
76. Launch a niche product. No better way to reach out to your niche then via a well-designed website.
77. Take your business a step up the ladder. Make people think more of you than you really are.
78. Fight the temptation of resting on laurels. Accomplished companies often lose motivation for further development. Make your website open the new horizons for you.


For Your Brand’s Image

79.Show off your brand. Make your brand logo be in everyone’s heads.
80. Verbalize your brand. Make your brand name be on everyone’s lips.
81. Create a distinctive brand impression. Let everyone know what makes your brand one-of-a-kind.
82. Increase brand awareness. The more people know about it, the more will want to have it.
83. Fit your brand in its niche. Make sure it appeals to its target audience.
84. Fit your brand in its price range. Find out how much your target audience is willing to pay for it.
85. Separate from competitor brands. Tell your consumers why your brand is better.
86. Confirm your brand’s leadership. A leading brand has to have a leading website.


Just For Fun

87.Because it’s cool. What can raise your self-esteem better than a pretty personal website?
88. Because your friends have it. Don’t be a loser – get a website!
89. Spend money. Not sure where to invest your money in? Build a website!
90. For your boyfriend / girlfriend. Imagine their awe when you hit them with their personal website!
91. For your dog. Your pet needs to show off online, too!
92. For playing online with your friends. Even if they are oceans away, you will still be able to play your favorite board game through a website.
93. Create an alter ego. Build a website for your fictional character or alter self.
94. Create a fan page. Devote a website to your favorite book, movie or video game.
95. Give a job to poor Indian programmers. Seriously, they are starving out there!
96. Make fun of someone. Devote a website to someone you know, but fill it with funny facts about them!
97. Get tracked by police or the National Security. Want the FBI to know all about you? Build a website and let them!
98. Get your traffic stolen by Internet pirates. Have a website that acts as node for illegal online activity.
99. Plot the world domination conspiracy! Get a secure website where you’d plan your steps and educate your acolytes.
100. Collect jokes, memes and lol pics. Gather all gags and laughs in one place!

Credits: Denis Kurylenko, Yanina Rogovskaya, Oleg Pashko, Eugene Tymchnenko, Alex Bykov, Yaroslaw Nichiporets