Just as you book the Grand Ballroom in Plaza one year ahead of your Big Day, getting your wedding web page developed is as important to commence at an early stage of planning.

Best Wedding Website Examples

There is so much tradition in wedding planning, that everything hi-tech may seem just slightly out of line with the conservative vision of the event. Now more than ever, marriage and weddings may be viewed as a formality and a token of respect towards convention.

But even more so, the significance of the wedding is yet more elevated as this is now a well-thought step, that couples proceed after years of being in tried and tested loving relationships.

Wedding planners too can't escape the progress: they would try and modernize this most traditional of all social ceremonies. They would offer unorthodox trendy locations, contemporary party themes, use projectors in the ceremony, bake your cake square, and offer funky centerpieces for your table.

Indeed, the next step up in bringing your Special Day to that next contemporary WOW level is to create a personalized Wedding website.

Why bother with the Wedding website?

This is fairly easy to present to you in 3 stages of wedding planning:

  1. pre-event
  2. the day of the event
  3. post-event

Pre-event functions of the website:

  • To invite

    A possibility to create an event interfaced with Facebook event functionality, with the option to RSVP, share comments, and like.

    Indeed, a website as a platform and recent developments in animation, 3D, VR & AR make the WOW factor almost limitless — the invitation delivery can be as fun as it gets.

    Your budgets & time frames are the only limit.

    Check out the invite to the Special Day by Helena & Josh. Pure awwwesomeness! “Your shining face is requested!”

Helena and Josh

  • To inform

    About the place, time, gift list, location, whereabouts, schedule of the ceremonial events, travel tips, history of the relationship, other invited guests with a few lines from bride and groom, a special menu of the special day, and the list is endless.

    See how Colin & Dewi told their beloved family and friends about how their relationship started. A simple yet enticing execution of the timeline of their love.

Colin and Dewi

  • To intrigue

    This is the creative bit and heavily depends on the collaboration of your wedding agency and web design studio.

    This is where you can give your guests a flavor of the theme of the wedding. You can involve them in some games and contests and warm them up to the Big Day — engaging, asking for an opinion, and making them compete and partake even before the event.

    Guests can choose wedding music for the DJ set and pick fish or veg options, name a cocktail or even suggest names for your potential offspring.

    It can be as fun and engaging as you + your wedding agent + your web design strategist can think of. It has got to be fun.

On the day of the event:

  • To organize

    Schedule, maps, timelines, locations, rules, visa regulations — whatever helps them to know where and when friends & family are supposed to be.

    Table seating and limo pick-up spots. Anything that facilitates the smooth flow of the event.

    Your budgets & time frames are the only limit.

    See how Amelia & Steve here arm their guests with schedule, maps, and even create FAQ to make sure all are on the same page. At the same time, there is a possibility to add the day to the calendar too.

Amelia and Steve

  • To entertain

    Just to give you the understanding of the possibilities here, our Vintage UX & Creative team came up with some ideas:

    • To install a VR hub equipped with VR masks at the venue — where all guests can walk through the path of the first Central park rendezvous of the couple.
    • To develop a wedding landing page with seating plan tagged to Guest image & short info — so that to enable better networking. The “Who is who” with seating plan, basically for enhanced communication.
    • To implement a real-time quiz on the couples love story with exciting prizes to be won right there.
    • Тo create a page with well-wishes, comments & speeches that feeds live into the wedding page.
    • To come up with AR tool — whereby guests can take snapshots in line with the theme of the wedding.
    • The usage of a website as an image upload bank — where guests can get instant access to all the group photos, pick and choose from without necessity to ask for them to be sent over.
    • To use a website for ordering very real cocktail just the way you like it — all seating at your table without having to bother a waiter.
  • To surprize

    • Everybody has a great-looking delicious cake at their weddings. +
    • All newly-weds put rings as a symbol of their mutual love and commitment on their wedding. +
    • Most will have a floral decoration and a luxury wedding venue booked for the wedding party. +
    • Many couples have limos and lobsters and invited singers on their Big Day. +
    • Few will have a specially designed website interwoven into the wedding concept. So by default setting due to the rarity alone — whatever you do on your website is already unique and surprising. !!!


  • To thank

    When all the gifts are unwrapped and you called each other hubby and wifey like dozen times during breakfast after the Big Day, it is time to thank your beloved friends, family & colleagues for their warm wishes, love, and support.

  • To update

    A wedding is just the first day of your married life. There will be anniversaries, jubilees, hopefully, mini-copies of bride & groom too. A website is a live document of your married life — you can blog there, you can feed it with videos, you can use if to invite close ones to big events.

    You can do a timeline with biggest events of your family marked in it. You can make an organizational chart of your family, with funny posts for all family members, kinda Minister of Remote Control and CEO of the Barbie House Ltd. You can, you can, you can…

    Your budgets & time available until your Special Day are the only limit.

  • To remind

    Do you remember your granny’s photo album? That huge foliant with greyish faded images? Well, the colors will never fade on your Wedding website. The design will definitely go out-of-date for years, but you might want to keep it to give that retro feel to your page. Or keep changing it as the web design fashion changes. Space is yours. So are rules.

    The human memory has been digitized once and forever. As long as we uploaded that image into Instagram of Facebook, we know it is safe to review at any time. But you can have your own, even though virtual, wedding photo album that is created by your family and by your rules too.

Now. How?

Well, we hope we have you daydreaming about the wedding website of your dreams by now. We definitely are. Options are multiple and plenty depends on your budgets and time available.

We, at Vintage, specialize in WOW design. We have the expertise, talent, and ambition to create the best in a niche — whatever we do. Check out our portfolio here to comprehend the scale and possibilities.

Let's get creative together with the cyberspace documentary of your Big Day!